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"You act as if we hadn't just gone a couple of days without speaking," Porsha said as Todd snuggled next to her on the bed.She then explained to the camera that Todd was "doing that middle of the night poke" and she got angry because she needed to sleep (because she had work the next day), and she pretty much kicked him out.Todd said she wanted "a family," but that seemed like maybe more along the lines of what he wanted. It's kind of eye-opening." Detroit or Bust Meanwhile, Phaedra Parks and Kenya Moore headed to the camp for the kids of Flint, Michigan, that Phaedra was busy supporting.Upon arrival, Kenya asked if was "like a prison camp," because she didn't like the size of her bed."I work for a conservative individual," Todd explained. He mumbled something about how he wanted to "enjoy" her."It was more about the attention that I brought to the company." He then reported that his place of employment made him choose between his job and her — and he chose her. "Child, if people lost their jobs for wanting to enjoy a girl, nobody would have jobs." This might have been the smartest thing Porsha has ever said. Despite her clear annoyance with him, she admitted that she did.

She called Phaedra to fill her in and shortly after hanging up, Todd arrived.In her early adulthood, Williams appeared in music videos in pursuit of a potential career in the modeling industry, which she has said was "what you did in Atlanta when you wanted to become a model, and you were young and beautiful".Williams began dating football player Kordell Stewart while she was employed at the Lucky Lounge in Atlanta, Georgia.But at the end of the day, we know there's a line." Williams was arrested on December 29, 2014, for speeding with a suspended license, but was released the same day.

In September 2015, Bravo announced that Porsha Williams had signed to be a full-time housewife once again, along with newcomer actress Kim Fields.

Porsha wasn't awarded any alimony or cash and did not get their house nor did she receive any of his NFL retirement money or health insurance as part of the divorce settlement, according to an article on Wednesday by TMZ.

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