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I too am a customer and if it wasn’t for circumstances, I’d never shop at that store again!!! She has no respect for elderly people , nor customers who shop daily at your store, I have shop there for the last 7 years, she is rude, loud, and disrespectful, to a lot of your people, she seems to have a attitude, every time I shop she don’t like working with people, why is she there, Rude every time she works, come on now, Reply I am not happy because up in Hale, MI where I live, I can’t get something that has been on an ad for two weeks. I also would like to know why there isn’t enough staff to ring up customers. There ought to be a focus on customer service first — need a paging system to call for help.It is nothing but harassment and very unprofessional!!!! Reply There is a lady named Jessica at your Family Dollar at 3577 E. Up here we live in a rural area and there are a lot of older folks that can’t stand for that long. Reply Currently on hold to speak to an agent to complain about how poor my experience was in the store. I actually started the call while physically IN THE STORE.THE MANAGERS CAN NOT GET SUPPLIES FOR THE RUNNING OF THE STORES, SUCH AS BAGS FOR THE CUSTOMERS, REGISTER TAPE TO GIVE RECEIPTS TO GIVE TO THE LOYAL CUSTOMERS. Reply A family member has been a manager at one of your stores for about three years now.AND NOW THEIR COMPUTERS NEED HELP ASAP, ONE DOWN ALL THE WAY AND ONE IN AND OUT. I have never ever seen such an abuse and lack of consideration for employees.The employees need to understand that they should complete one transaction before helping another customer.Reply I HAVE BEEN WONDERING WHAT IS GOING ON LATELY, IN WACO, TEXAS FAMILY DOLLAR STORES.

In 1981, the company had 400 stores and by the end of that decade, 1,500 stores.He had been working at his parent’s five and dime clothing store since he was 14.He convinced his mother to let him use the basement as a “bargain basement” type of store. After getting married and working hard at a factory, Leon had saved $6,000 to start his own “Family Dollar” store. The company quickly expanded to South Carolina (1961), Georgia (1962) and Virginia (1965).Tagged as: family dollar corporate address, family dollar corporate number, family dollar corporate office, family dollar corporate office phone number, family dollar corporation, family dollar customer complaint desk, Family Dollar customer complaints, family dollar headquarters There’s a little to many cooks in the kitchen at the Wolcott, NY store , not necessary to have 3 managers!!!

I as a customer and mother and grandmother am appauld at the actions of the top manager there, shes abuses the workers on the job and not only that , when they are off and there as customers, every time and in front of other customers, then today in front of other customers and my grandson, only 10! Tawas FD and the Hale FD didn’t get any in their shipments.

Not permitted to pay overtime to other assistant even though they are saving money not paying an additional full time ASM salary.