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Unlike humans, cats do not need to blink their eyes on a regular basis to keep their eyes lubricated (with tears).Unblinking eyes are probably an advantage when hunting.Although it was long generally thought that cats were unresponsive to music, recent studies have shown that they do in fact respond to music which has been created with species-specific frequencies.Results suggested that cats do benefit from music therapy when the sounds have been composed to target their auditory senses.Cats have a visual field of view of 200° compared with 180° in humans, but a binocular field (overlap in the images from each eye) narrower than that of humans.As with most predators, their eyes face forward, affording depth perception at the expense of field of view.

Instead of the fovea, which gives humans sharp central vision, cats have a central band known as the visual streak.

Despite this, another branch also appeared, the 3D chats, like Visual Chat.