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If you are willing to install and configure OBS software, you can broadcast almost any webcam live on You Tube or Facebook for free.

These "shared hosting" accounts will give you the same FTP functionality that Wunderground did.It's currently just Star Wars, Joss Whedon and Doctor Who are all good choices, and if you don’t want to learn every detail about it, pick an obscure aspect and focus on that.It's currently just $1.99 on the Nook, and will be all day today (7/20) and through end-of-day tomorrow.This site is easy to use, fun to browse and ready to meet a great bunch of people with exactly the experience, maturity and security that you're looking for.

Show the younger set just how much fun seniors can have!

Take the Geek approach — add them on Four Square and see where they ‘check in’ to- those will be your ideal stomping grounds.