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The patient's medical condition was classified by the sending physician as an emergency.According to the Since the day crew were to finish at 1900, Ornge's OCC decided to dispatch the night crew at 1900.Twenty-three seconds later, the helicopter impacted trees and then struck the ground in an area of dense bush and swampy terrain.The aircraft was destroyed by impact forces and the ensuing post-crash fire.On , at approximately 0011 Eastern Daylight Time, the Sikorsky S-76A helicopter (registration C-GIMY, serial number 760055), operated as Lifeflight 8, departed at night from Runway 06 at the Moosonee Airport, Ontario, on a visual flight rules flight to the Attawapiskat Airport, Ontario, with 2 pilots and 2 paramedics on board.As the helicopter climbed through 300 feet above the ground toward its planned cruising altitude of 1000 feet above sea level, the pilot flying commenced a left-hand turn toward the Attawapiskat Airport, approximately 119 nautical miles to the northwest of the Moosonee Airport.

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After starting the first engine and engaging the main rotor, the flight crew obtained the weather report from the automated weather observation system (AWOS) located at CYMO.At approximately 0543, a search-and-rescue aircraft located the crash site approximately 1 nautical mile northeast of Runway 06, and deployed search-and-rescue technicians. Canada complies with this requirement by making all on-board recordings —including cockpit voice recorders (CVR)— privileged in the Canadian Transportation Accident Investigation and Safety Board Act.While the TSB may make use of any on-board recording in the interests of transportation safety, it is not permitted to knowingly communicate any portion of an on-board recording that is unrelated to the causes or contributing factors of an accident or to the identification of safety deficiencies.The flight crew proceeded to the Moosonee Airport (CYMO), Ontario, and had the helicopter readied, including fuelling, for the 1-hour-and-48-minute visual flight rules (VFR) flight to the Attawapiskat Airport.

Two paramedics were on board in addition to the captain and first officer.

The captain then advised the first officer that he had a flashlight in case he had any further difficulty locating a switch.

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