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Just off the great room, this room looks bigger than it is, thanks to vaulted ceilings and a brick wall (dividing the bedroom from the closet) that doesn’t extend to the ceiling.The bedroom borrows a good bit of the attached bathroom’s natural light through the wide doorway. “I love a very serene neutral palette in a bedroom,” says Eric.Spring is a time of year when many homeowners take stock of any exterior updates they need for their home.It may be things that need to be repaired, replaced or completely remodeled.Not only do these materials bring the warmth that Adriana longed for, but they also welcome the wear and tear of “little people,” as Eric puts it.The Olsens always envisioned an oversize island in their kitchen.

“They’ll thank me for it one day when they realize their room has grown up with them,” Eric says, laughing.Personally, I love to see creative minds at work and one of my favorites is to see what updates can be done to an older home to make it more attractive and inviting from the outside.Sometimes seeing before and after remodeling pictures can spark interest in upgrading your own home.New landscaping, light fixtures and a new roof made it look fresh. The remodeling of the front entrance gave the whole house a face lift. By adding shutters to the small window, painting the front door black to match the shutters, adding landscaping beds to the left of the driveway and power washing the cement, it gave this ranch massive curb appeal. It also appears that they installed a larger window on the left but even without that costly change, the other improvements were enough to make a major difference for little money. A southern style front porch and second floor were added.

This was a major renovation and a nice one at that.

Eric elongated the space, lifted the 8-foot ceilings, and opened up the kitchen to create a place where everyone could be together.

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