Updating blackberry software on mac

Installing a New Black Berry OS will return some of your custom settings to the default options and may require you to log back into and unlock certain applications.For instance, your font family, font style and size will revert to default settings after the OS install, so you may want to go into Options Screen/Keyboard settings to make note of your custom settings.

Black Berry Desktop Manager version 4.5 If you're not running Desktop Manager v4.5, visit RIM's site and download and install the latest version of the software.(Read, "How to Reload the Operating System on a Nuked Black Berry," if you ever find yourself with a bricked 'Berry.If you do decide to install unofficial software and it's from a carrier that isn't your own, you should be sure to ditch the software's vendor XML file before beginning installation.After you've prepared for the changes that come along with a new Black Berry OS, you'll want to begin the installation process.

First, close all related applications and services on your PC and launch the file.

To obtain the latest operating system for your Black Berry device, first check your wireless carrier's website.

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