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This caused a great deal of tension in the relationship since Cruz often found himself struggling between his duty as a police officer and his loyalty to Eden.

C.) Nancy Burgess (alias used as Adriana's nanny in Paris) Lisa (alternative personality) Suzanne Collier (alternative personality) Channing Capwell, Jr.(alternative personality) Eden was portrayed by American actress Marcy Walker from September 28, 1984 to August 9, 1991, and Cruz was portrayed by actor A Martinez from August 13, 1984 to September 11, 1992.This couple's subsequent relationship was not apparent when their characters first appeared.Actually, so that a soap continues to live, it is necessary that the things turn badly and that reality thwarts the intentions. Eden, who had been drugged by Gina on the day of the incident, could not be certain of her innocence and began distancing herself from Cruz, who was called to investigate. Eden, feeling the pressure of an impending police investigation with her fiancé at the helm, agreed to marry Kirk. came out of his coma, Cruz, would also find himself in a loveless marriage to another person.

But I find astonishing that the public has such respect for a police officer in front of who the Inspector Clouseau of The Pink Panther would seem to be a genius. After a couple of months, Eden was cleared of any suspicion of her father's attempt murder, but the damage to her relationship with Cruz had been done. He married Santana Andrade, a childhood family friend of the Castillo clan. (who was the boy's current legal custodian) to keep Cruz away from Eden.

However, Marcy Walker and A Martinez have been quoted as saying that they pushed the Eden and Cruz angle, as it was not part of the original writer's plans to pair the two.