Msn money stock quotes not updating

Open the Excel 2007 / 2010 options dialog and click the menu item Add-Ins. You may check this link: followed all the instructions, and I cannot see “Stock Quotes Function Add-In” (COM-Add-In) as well as the “Stock Quotes UI Add-In” (COM-Add-In), within the add-in options menu How to know what has failed? After checking the COM add-in box is checked, go back to the add-in box (under excel options), select Excel Add-In box from the dropdown menu headed 'Manage', click on 'automation...', search through the list and find Parago Stock Quote.function, select it, hit OK, restart Excel, and that should work. Clicking browse to add an addin by selecting a file doesn't work either as the files in C:\Program Files (x86)\Parago\Parago Stock Quote\ are not valid excel addins (CRAP #2).The list active add-ins should contain the “Stock Quotes Function Add-In” (COM-Add-In) as well as the “Stock Quotes UI Add-In” (COM-Add-In). I'm using windows 7, excel 2010, 64bit version Best Sandro Both Stock Quotes Function Add-In and Stock Quotes UI Add-In are listed as Active Application Add-Ins and the boxes are checked in my Add-In Manager. I use stock symbols exactly as listed on Yahoo Finance. This took me ages to solve, so feel free to tip me! BTC:1ECdn95Skof RGSd7k Fm Lonjp Cz F863gtq SCame here to download the 2007/2010 version as the 2013 (windows 8 version) didn't work for me. Using office 2010 professional plus 32bit on win7 ultimate x64 Gave up. I have tried just about every variation to the =PSQ(A1;"DATE") and I keep getting the error message. Thanks I am using Excel 2010 Pro and installed "Stock Quotes Add-In for Excel 2007" since I did not see an installation for Excel 2010. Have tried all combinations of country code prefixes to stock eg IT: F FR: MS etfc, but PSQ won't retrieve non US quotes. Hello, I really like your program but when I do use the lines for the date, time, and name I keep getting error messages, but the =PSQ(A1) works fine.The idea behind this spreadsheet was to use the latest and historic quotes to calculate intrinsic values of options and P&L for expired ones.

If you can’t find that menu, you need to use the Web Query functionality.

MSN Money Central Stock Quotes Add-In for Excel is a free Microsoft Excel add-in that pulls stock quote data directly from MSN Money.

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