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We don’t care how many awards the entire collection of Absolut Vodka posters ever got, we’d cut out a Super Muff ad from an old copy of By the early Seventies, drag racing in America had really changed from what most consider its Golden Age in the Sixties.The beautiful FED (Front-Engine Dragster) had been replaced by fuelers with the motor behind the driver.The Georgian pianist, who has the closing concert at this year’s Verbier Festival, reveals that she spent two formative teenaged summers playing keyboard in its ad hoc orchestra. If you’re likely to find this tasteless, we apologise. We’ve been sent video of Sony artist Khatia Buniatishvili performing a jig (or jiggle) on Georgian TV. It is being watched by people who have never heard her Chopin recording. Elles jouent de la musique éthérée, elles sont d’une beauté diaphane, mais elles donnent envie d'un outrage aux mœurs entre la contrebasse et la grosse caisse.Pour le dire plus poétiquement, quand elles effleurent les touches, c'est un torrent de feu qui se déverse sur votre libido modérée d'auditeur de France Musique.

But really, the artisanal movement behind the anti-mass production/industrial age has been around for a long, long time.It’s just that, right now, there’s a surge and we gotta believe it’s probably a backlash against the digitization and online-ation and instant gratification of the nation. It’s all about slowing down and actually making something in the tangible world.And maybe even leaving it behind for someone else to discover when we’re all long gone in the Warren Miller-ian “Every hundred years, all new people” ethos. Fast forward four decades and Valhalla Vale is one of the stalwarts of Punk, indie publishing and DIY.Some peoples’ eyes glaze over and just look for the closest exit as they be all, “I don’t really know anything about cars…hey, a squirrel!

” And then, as we’re helping them back to their feet as they trip and fall over our foot (don’t know how that happened), we always share this little canned anecdote that always brings them right back to us: “one has a story about cars…EVERYONE. And we could never put our finger on what inspired Young Luke’s landspeeder, but we knew there was some American mid-century design influence. We just stumbled across old photos of Ford’s Glideair – an experimental hovercraft that looked more like a levitating Falcon Club Wagon refrigerator than a vehicle – and stopped dead in our tracks.

Le reste de la lingerie est resté dans sa chambre au George V. Son visage félin s'abandonne lascivement à la mélodie, dont la simplicité mozartienne se mue en accords tempétueux. Terrassé de désir, les reins en feu, le pantalon déformé par une crise de priapisme, vous vous échappez de la salle en panique pour vous verser au bar un Perrier à 9 € sur la tête. Son moment musical de Rachmaninov (ci-dessous) est un peu mou du genou par rapport à un Lugansky, mais étiez vous vraiment concentrés sur la partie sonore ?

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