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Atleast 70% of the contracts come from the US military/DOD. Which works out to really be a Pro instead of a con because none of them would know a diesel engine if they tripped over it.They are all located 1000s of miles from Beloit, WI. have had to be let go for various reasons; but again, they have little or no effect on the actual operations - "no harm, no foul." One gets to build, fabericate, test and run medium speed diesel engines from the size of your average living room to as large as a semi trailer.Project Management is staffed almost 100% with non-engineers and non-technical people.These means that engineering ends up interfacing with the customer a lot because the last time I checked being a wedding plainer does not necessarily make one a good technical PM.

Conseils à la direction Need to hire one or two Engineers to work in HR.There are a lot of non-technical people in support roles that need help and guidance from engineering.And if there are not coming to engineering asking questions, you should be very concerned.The shop never has a degreed Welding Engineer for too long or SOP usually means none.