Dr phil on dating a married man

It gets better: he is in a Turkish prison and has also been in a foreign hospital during the course of their seven-month relationship. She never intended to pursue a relationship after her divorce, but now she believes that she is in love.She said she believes he is real because of the loving and tender words he writes to her.But Dawn believes in the story because she has begun to keep in contact with Sandy, David’s supposed 12-year-old daughter.

Dr Phil opened the show by sharing a seemingly loving statement about someone who is happy and affectionate toward a partner.

This woman was a gift from God to me and I will fight to the very end to save her. Angered by the situation, her father could not hold his emotions and had this to say, ‘be glad you’re in Kenya.’ Despite the threat, Kevin went on to say that he loved Sarah very much and that she was in his heart.