Df not updating solaris

This can happen if the virtual machine has a snapshot in place, these will need to be removed prior to making the changes to the disk.Alternatively you may need to shut down the virtual machine if it does not allow you to add or increase disks on the fly, if this is the case make the change then power it back on.It could also be worth cloning the virtual machine first and testing out this method on the clone.Prerequisites: As this method uses the additional space to create a primary partition, you must not already have 4 partitions as you will not be able to create more than 4.If you do not have space for another partition then you will need to consider a different method, there are some others in the above list.

If you are not able to modify the size of the disk, the provisioned size setting is greyed out.In my test I did not require either of those things at this stage (I do a reboot later on), straight after pressing ‘w’ in fdisk I was able to see the new /dev/sda3 partition of my 10gb of space as displayed in the below image.For Cent OS/RHEL run a “partx -a /dev/sda3” to avoid rebooting later on.You will see a warning which basically means in order to use the new table with the changes a system reboot is required.

If you can not see the new partition using “fdisk -l” you may be able to run “partprobe -s” to rescan the partitions.

Note that we do not have 4 primary partitions already in place, making this method possible.

Df not updating solaris comments

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