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In fact, in some circumstances – attending the same school, working in the same industry, overlapping social circles – you may well risk running into them on a regular, even with it.But it doesn’t mean that this necessarily has to be an awkward or even painful experience.All too often, when we end a romantic relationship with somebody, we tend to assume this means that we can no longer stand to see that person ever again. No matter the circumstances of the relationship ending, it is still a painful experience and the associations you had with that person are now intertwined with that pain.Small wonder, then, that you wouldn’t want to have anything to do with them; why But in the midst of the angst and anger, the feelings of betrayal and the slipping of Katy Perry songs into your Spotify break-up playlists and hoping nobody notices, it’s worth remembering that pain doesn’t friends or haunts in common or you’ve moved across the country, the odds are that eventually you’re going to have to face the fact that you’re probably going to run into your ex on occasion.Having her number is just an invitation for a 3 AM drunk phone call that will leave you feeling like somebody just took a massive dump on the tattered remains of your dignity.

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Getting hurt doesn’t mean that somebody was right and somebody was wrong; sometimes it’s not one person’s fault and you have to accept that, as much as we’d like to have a clear cut “THIS IS WHY IT HAPPENED” resolution, life’s just fucking . Time to let it go like a thinly veiled Disney anthem about coming out of the closet.In fact, the better you are able to handle a post-breakup relationship with your ex, the better your partners about the sort of person you are.After all, the biggest common denomenator in all of your relationships is you.But at the same time, we have a tendency to hold to that pain like a squirrel hoarding anger nuts for winter.

Holding on to the frustration, the hurt, even the vague hope that you can get back together…

Instead, by trying to be “friends” with her afterwards, I was just desperately clinging to what used to be, begging for whatever scraps of affection might still be there.