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Check whether the problem is resolved if not proceed to step 4.For most people doing this step will solve the problem with Feedburner feeds not updating issue, but for us this too didn’t help.For verifying Technorati claim token a few days back when we checked our Feedburner feed it seemed like our feeds were not updated for several posts and it gave as a big shock.After several researches we found out the solution for Feedburner feeds not updating issue in wordpress and we are here to help with that problem.If your feed hasn’t been updated in a few hours it’s worth pinging Feedburner so that it updates your feed.It’s worth checking that pinging is setup correctly if your feed hasn’t been updated in a few hours though if you have a problem with your RSS feed not updating frequently it could be another issue.Login to your Feedburner account and you will see Feed medic alerts which monitors the health of your feed and notifies you if anything bad with your source feed.

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