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The remaining two lays and the blowjob where the results of Tinder game (20, 21 and 27).I am a very well balanced person, after all 😉 Since these type of trips usually require a decent investment I’m going to break down my expenses to you.Lately I've realized that having adventures with someone is much more thrilling than having them all alone. Traveling solo is a very important aspect in the life of a single man.

One of those lays came from classic nightgame (21 years old), another one came from daygame (19) and one more from ‘terasa game’ (19) – a concept I will explain in a bit.First, you should know this about Vilnius – it is a traditional society that values monogamous relationships over adventures or one night stands.In fact, it would be safe to assume that 80% of quality Lithuanian girls aged between 20 and 25 in Vilnius are in a relationship.The sense of pure freedom you can experience abroad, putting yourself in a spot where you are the main actor of an adventure – that’s the ultimate builder of independence and self confidence.

That’s the main reason why I reached out to Kyle for this collaboration – he enjoys traveling with male friends and has experienced the addictive allure of conquering exotic women in foreign places first hand. I had one of my best mates join me for the first week and stayed by myself for another 2 weeks – making the total stay around 23 days long.

Their modesty and devotion might hypnotize any man.

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