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What about our parents and grandparents who had large age differences but were also married early? When you're very different in age—say 14 and 21, to use the seven-year spread you suggest—there's almost always a subtle way in which one person dominates the other.Why should it be unacceptable for our generation if we're in love? Sometimes the older person "knows all about" what the younger person feels.If they want to end up in the wrong side of town and get gangbanged by black guys then why not!

My parents say I'm just dating her because I'm curious about her, and that she's with me so she can brag about it.I have a crush on an African-American who is a Christian, but I'm not going to ask him out if the Bible says it is wrong. On the contrary, the Bible teaches that all people are descended from Adam and Eve—which means that racial differences are superficial, and we're all from one family.It also teaches that in the end all the races and ethnic groups of the world will be brought together as family under God's loving care. You can read about this in Isaiah 11:1-9, Revelation 15:4, and many other places in the Bible.But if two people look at those difficulties clearly and prayerfully, there's no reason for them to stay apart.

I've been dating a girl of a different race, and my parents don't agree with it. We've been dating for a couple of months, and I really like her a lot.

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