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Showing up late can sometimes ruin your date because the man has already felt annoyed waiting for you.If he is annoyed at the start of the date then sometimes there can be lack of interest and passion from his side.After having a shower, pickup a good dress that makes you feel comfortable, confident and at the same time it is perfect for the date.Don’t wear something that does not suit the environment or is very difficult for you to handle.Don’t show attitude to him and just go with the flow.Maybe your man has gone on several dates before, but with you this is his first.He is trying to be a gentleman by opening the door and remove the chair and let you sit first and you need to respect this.

You are totally excited and at the same time a little nervous because this is your first time.Ask him about his goals or anything related to him and he will do the same. If there is no balance and only one of you is speaking then this can make the other person lose interest.Hence, if you feel that he is out of words then you can carry on.A balance in conversation between the two will help both to stay focused on each other.

If you are the only one who is speaking this can make him lose interest.

If you are really interested in this man then you should keep your mobile on a silent mode.

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